Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is your baby's sleeping habit?

Andi is two months old now and starting to find her sleeping pattern. There are times when she slept through the night, there are times five to six hours continuously, but sometimes she still woke up every three hours.

Each baby has different sleeping habit. Some are light sleeper others doesn't care the noise around them. Some baby do take a nap the moment you put them down to their crib while others needs to be cradled and be put to sleep. Sometimes Andi loved to be cradled and be put to sleep especially if it is quite chilly. Other times you can just put her in her crib give her pacifier and she just closes her eyes. But no matter, I always love to cradle Andi and put her to sleep, because I love holding her and hugging her. Sometimes, I hug her in bed while both of us are taking a nap. I am a light sleeper, so I woke in every single movement she made. Love that feeling a lot !

Give a hug, cradle and indulge your baby as much as you can. Every moment and opportunity is precious!


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