Monday, December 21, 2009

Andi @ 3 months

This is Andi at three months. Her Dad took her pictures this morning while changing her clothes. Of course some pictures are censored, hehehe...I cannot post it, Andi might see it when she gets older.
Because of the weather, she has an on and off rush in her face. A little petroleum or Cetaphil will do the trick. She loves it when someone talks to her all the time. She talks back as if she knows what you are talking about. She can grab the toys in her swing and spends a lot of time playing too. She is trying to roll on her side but half of her body is still not moving, only her head is turning....soon...soon she will be rolling on her tummy.

For now, she loves it when people talk to her.


santhy said...

she is cute. Merry Christmas!

eva said...

she is so cute

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