Thursday, July 14, 2011

Andi's visit at Mt. Rainier WA

Andi's first adventure ever!  Mt. Rainier full of snow, she was so excited to play in the snow, but was screaming when her lola (grandma) left her.  

She never gets cold even though she was only wearing short pants.   I was quiet worried that she will get cranky on the trip, but she did so good.   She watched movies while on the road and fell asleep.  I was so surprised, I guess I had underestimated her :-)  She loves to travel I guess just like her mom and dad!

Well, she is 21 months now, and she always surprised us with new words and expressions that she learns every day.   She loves to say OK!  She could easily express what she wants and what she needs.  She could talk to you in broken sentences.  She is just amazing :-) 


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