Thursday, December 9, 2010

I am back finally!

I have not updated this blog for almost three long months!!! Gosh it was just a busy busy months with all those classes that I have this quarter.  Since fall quarter is over, here I am finally back and promised that I will be updating this blog more often.

Andi is 14 months now and is growing so fast, learning a lot of stuff too.  She is like a little girl who understand almost everything, except that she does not talk yet.  But I am telling you that she knows a way how to let you know what she wants.  Since I was not able to update this blog for quiet sometime, i will start from Andi's first Halloween.

Here are some of her pictures:
 This was her costume during the Halloween.  Her Dad decided to dress her up like this.  A lot of people was so delighted at her, she is just unique in the middle of all those kids.  But a lot of them though that she is a boy too!  I just have to correct them that she is a girl :-)

 This is Andi going around the neighborhood with Kuya Tan and the rest of the kids.

And this is Andi after the trick or treating, all burned out and hungry.   She gulp a bottle of milk in a matter of a few minutes, then back again on her feet to have fun with the other kids.  She was just having a ball during that time, and it was so contagious!  I am happy seeing how happy my baby is :-)


Carol said...

So cute! My kid loves trick or treatin!

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