Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andi's New Words

At fifteen months, Andi was able to speak a few words aside from her usual Mama and Dada.   Now, she could say nayt nayt for goodnight and ate (big sister).   Though her words are quiet limited, she could almost understand everything you said.  She can follow instructions, like picking up something, closing the door, going to her Dad or Ate.   She has her own way of letting me know what she wants or communicating things she wanted to say.   For instance, every time I asked her if she had poop, she would pull her clothes up if she did.  If not she moved her head from side to side and that means No.

At her age, she is just amazing because she is making her own individuality.   She already have some characteristics that I could identify as her own.  She is just growing up so fast, that's all I could say!!!


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