Sunday, December 19, 2010

Andi's first snow experienced!

We went to Leavenworth last week to have some family time off.   The snow there was quiet high and the Christmas lights are amazing.  Leavenworth was quiet famous for its Christmas lightings during Christmas here in Washington.    People from different part of Washington go there to witnessed the Christmas lighting festival and experience a little of German tradition.  They call this place The Little German Town.   In the middle of the town where the celebration is always held has a small park where kids could sled and have fun.  Andi enjoyed walking  around the shops and just hanging out and checking things around.  But she really had fun touching and playing in the snow.  She enjoyed sledding too, she was not scared even a single bit.

Look at her, she even removed her gloves to be able to touch and feel the snow.

She is not even scared or bothered by the adrenaline rush in going down the hill.  She is just amazing, she just wanted to do things her big sister did!!!


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