Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Getting some additional TECH

Guest written by our friend Mason Abbott

I’ve recently been reading all the hughesnet reviews online and I’m starting to think we need home internet. I’ve been able to get by without it the last couple of years but geez, wouldn’t it be nice to online shop or even to confirm my dentist appointments via email like all my friends. Plus I’ve gotten a lot more into Facebook recently and it’s annoying when I hear someone has new pictures up or something and I can’t check at home…I’ve always been kind of a lagger when it comes to technology but you know, I think it’s clutch to have internet if you remotely want to stay with the times. I mean, I’m not 70 years old, I’m barely a mom, and I’ve got keep abreast of what’s going on or I’m going to get totally out of the loop in another couple of years. Who would have thought I’d be the last one to get internet in my neighborhood full of old fogies? I certainly wouldn’t have said it’d be me!


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