Saturday, February 4, 2012

She is sleeping with Big Sister!

It has been four days now that Andi has been sleeping with her sister.  We are trying to encourage her to sleep with her sister, and once she get used to it, we could buy her big bed and could share a room with her sister! Tonight, she wanted to sleep with us but I bribed her with a princess sleeping bag.   I told her sister that they could practice for our next camping trip.   Andi finally gave in but with the condition that I lie down in the middle until she fell asleep.  Fair enough, and in less that five minutes she was fast asleep.

Here they are cozy in their sleeping bags and of course their pillow pets as well.

Hoping that she is taking the next step and hopefully no turning back!!!  I will be so happy if we will succeed.  Next step is taking her baby bottle!  I think that will be the biggest challenge of all.


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