Thursday, March 3, 2011

She loves watching TV!

My Fifteen month old daughter just loved watching TV.  I know that most experts said that watching TV for babies or toddlers is not good, but what will you do if your toddler throw a fit every time you turn off the TV or every time she would ask you if she could watch her favorite show?  Who wants to have a cranky baby  the whole day?   I am sure I am not the only one who has this dilemma.   Andi would love to watch Little Einstien and Mickey Mouse in the morning and when she wakes up in the afternoon.   She watched theses shows over and over until my ear hurts :-(   Aside from these shows, she watched other shows that her big sister watched after school.  

She also love saying NO on things that she really does not want to do including shows on TV and food to eat.   She behaves like a big girl !  We do not want to spoil her but at the same time we want to let her learn and have the confidence.  

Mommies, have you ever experienced the same?  Any tips on how to handle this?


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