Thursday, May 20, 2010

Andi @ seven months

Andi is now seven months old. Growing so fast and developing so fast too. She is now learning to crawl, actually just figured out how to crawl forward, she used to do it backwards! But I am surprised to see that she is standing up and walking (of course while holding on into something). She is learning two skills simultaneously ! Amazing ! I have just mentioned to hubby that we need to start putting safety measures in the house. He promised to buy covers for electrical outlets on weekend and install those cabinet locks. But most of all, I need gates for the fireplace and stairs! Today, I saw her went to the fireplace, our fireplace by the way has natural stones on the sides (not too sharp but rough edges), and playing with the telephone wire plug into the outlet. Oh my goodness, this kiddo is so busy since she learned how to crawl. I could see how busy I will be just by watching her every move on the next few days.

Glad that she is developing in a fast pace at the same time worried on all these safety issues thingy around the house.


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