Saturday, October 3, 2009

Here she comes Part II

As promised here are the rest of the pictures. Still can't believed that I delivered her normally at 8 lbs ! The nurses keeps on telling me that she is too big for me, but with the patience and good skills of my doctor, I was able to deliver her with the help of a vacuum. Her head is quite elongated, but her pediatrician assured us that it will go back to its normal size. She has some bruises on her head, but aside from that she is healthy and strong. A good eater too !!!

Baby Andi after her first bath at the hospital. People were surprised how loud she cried :-)

Big sister was so happy to see baby Andi. She was so excited, but quite hesitant when she saw me lying in bed with a lot of tubes attached to my arms.

My Family :-)

A pose with Lola and Lolo. And of course the Paulino family who are always there. The twins were so happy to see the baby that finally comes out in Tita Mel's tummy :-)

Thank you so much guys !

People who gives you support, strenght and love makes this experienced a memorable one no matter how difficult and painful it is. The staff of Overlake Hospital is outstanding, great service, and good food :-) Even though my doctor was on vacation, I was so happy that Dr. Moore was there to help me. She really is great, I made the right choice to asked her to deliver my baby.


Tetcha said...

Congratulations, Mel! Andi is a nice addition to your family.

chubskulit said...

Andi looks big!

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